Chris Butryn, BA, LLB

Chris Butryn, BA, LLB 

Real Estate Broker

Phone: 905.427.6522  


Considering a house in the 'burbs? 

If you're ready for a house, but can't afford Toronto and don't think there's a suburb you could love, we need to chat!

I never, ever, EVER thought I'd leave the city for the 'burbs. For me, the good life was south of Bloor. But then, several years ago I discovered a suburb that had everything my urban personality wanted. One with a lifestyle that's right on trend. Now, I'd never go back. To learn what I discovered, book a free session with me. Simply fill-in the form below.

Selling your house east of Toronto? 

Years ago I moved from Toronto to Durham. Now, I help other families from the city "go suburban" like I did. If you'd like to grab the attention of motivated buyers moving east from Toronto (a force in today's east-end market) give me a shout. I'll show you exactly how I can help you do that.

Speaking of grabbing attention, I was able to get celebrity Ryan Serhant's attention a little while ago. Check out the video below, in case you had any hesitation about who to call for real estate help the GTA! Ryan's video is a paid endorsement by the way. 

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